What is deficit advertising and deficit marketing?

Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
What is deficit advertising and deficit marketing?

The deficit advertising is a form of advertising that is based upon making you feel as if you are not enough. How to fight against this kind of advertising?

Topics from Vlog #24:
  • The fears and your inadequacies as a person - who benefits from it?
  • Why should you want to be different?
  • How does the defict advertising affect our social mental healt?
  • How does the marketing based on deficits take advantage of the moment of your weakness?
  • How to fight against this kind of advertising?

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About advertising, but not every advertising - a specific form of advertising.

The advertising we're going to talk today about this is a form of advertising that is based upon making you feel as if you are not enough, if you are lacking something, as if you are not meeting a standard.

You must buy a service or a product in order to bridge this gap between yourself and an ideal potential ideal a cultural ideal. Might be when you hear my definition of this kind of advertising, you are thinking- all advertising is like that. Well, yes lately it's like that, but it should not be always like that. And it's not the definition par excellence, of marketing and of advertising. It's actually called deficit marketing.

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Deficit marketing is a way of marketing your services and products that implies that you are not enough.

If you look around you, most of the services that are sold today are sold like that. If you look attentively, this deficit advertising, this deficit marketing is everywhere.

If you use social media, if you use all those algorithmic powered technological devices, it will be even clearer that this is the way that things are marketed to you, because this social media advertising model and more broadly, all the Internet shopping, platforms and the algorithms that are proposing to you new things to buy are basically based on two things on your fears and your inadequacies as a person.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin / Unsplash

The second thing is they will serve you an advertisement in the right moment when you are the most vulnerable, when you are the most prone to make the purchase.

It is not following your goals. It is not following your needs. The deficit marketing in general is exploring your weak points and then exploiting them because it is all the fitness, all the clothing business advertising is based on that basically that you as a human, you should be different and you should look in a different way. You should be wearing different things. You should have a different car if you are a professional in assortanish, etc.

I think that in the long term, the marketing that is based on deficits and on the human inadequacies is making a dent in our social mental health, I would say. Because if you are bombarded each day by thousands of advertisements that say that you are not enough and you should be different and you should act differently, it's not that you can be completely inoculated to that and that those ads will not touch you. Those ads and this kind of marketing and this kind of communication will touch you in a moment when you will be vulnerable to this. In a moment of your weakness, and that is why I think it is detrimental in the long term to the social fabric and to the social and mental health in general of people.

I think it's very, very difficult to fight against it because of the sheer number of such communication and such deficit marketing and deficit advertising. If you have an idea how to fight against it and to what to do with this kind of advertising, please let me know in the comments.


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