Two ways of seeing rejection

Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
Two ways of seeing rejection

You can be rejected when you are selling or pitching something and when a relationship in your life ends.

Topics from Vlog #29:
  • How to deal with those types of rejection?
  • The rejection in the pitching and selling process.
  • When you have a relationship and you fear being rejected.
  • What does planned rejection mean?
  • When should we try to improve our relationships?

Watch the film:

The fear of rejection, if you feel it then it means you're a human.

How to act and what to do when we are already rejected, when the rejection happens.

It's the moment we all fear, but there is a way of judging those rejections as important and also as not important at all.  

There is two scenarios in which you can be rejected.

Photo by Xavi Cabrera / Unsplash

The first scenario is when you are selling or pitching something.

In this scenario has rejection built in.

If you ever tried to sell something, you will know that the sales funnel at the beginning is very large. The number of people you have to contact in order to make the sale is big. When the pitching process advances, the number of people interested in what you have to sell or pitch decreases. The rejection is built.

You will get rejection emails, you will be rejected on the phone and in person when you try to sell or to pitch something. It can be applied to a sales process and to making business.

It can be applied to looking for a job.

The second scenario is a little bit more challenging interpersonally.

When you have an ongoing relationship and someone rejects you.

This relationship ends and you ask yourself why.

In this  case, you should look for the intention that is behind this rejection.

If the people with whom you are in a relationship, it can be a business relationship or a personal relationship. If those people have something against your behavior or how you react to things they will probably try to improve it. Somehow to inform you that is something going wrong and you should change something to save this relationship.

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If you are surprised by this rejection, it means that it was planned long before.

That actually what you are hearing is some kind of a good reason that those people have found to inform you about the rejection. It's not the real reason why you have been rejected.

If you have a relationship and you fear being rejected. It's better to think about it like that if the person with whom you have the relationship is really interested in you and in this relationship, this person will not suddenly reject you.

This person will try to improve your relationship. It will give you hints and information, will communicate with you openly to say what should you change if you want to keep this relationship. What are her or his expectations towards you.  If you are surprised by a rejection, it really means that this relationship was not important for the person or for the company that is rejecting you.


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