Reasons for starting a daily journal

Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
Reasons for starting a daily journal

I am starting a daily journal and I explain why it's a good thing if you have kids, but also if you want to remain sane in the 21st century.

Topics from vlog #14:
  • How keeping a daily journal could change your life?
  • Choosing the right journal - factors to consider about journals.
  • What is my favorite journal to write in and why?
  • Which camera is a better choice for vloggers - DJI Pocket 2 vs. DJI Osmo Action?

Contains footage shot on Olympus PEN F, Olympus OMD-EM1 mk2 and DJI Pocket 2.

I have decided to keep a daily journal - I want to journal every day.

This is an idea that has followed me through my life for the last at least five or six years and this is also why I have started vlogging six years ago. I wanted to leave something to my children to watch when they will be older. But I think videos are very cool and I am making a video today also, but I think that the leaving something on paper will be even cooler and leaving something on paper which is handwritten will be even cooler.

Also, today's world is not giving us humans enough time to process the information we accumulate, to analyze all the podcasts you listen to.

Taking all of this into account, I think daily journaling in a separate journal, by hand will be a good idea.

Let's choose the journal.

I actually think an A4 will be much better than another size. I'm choosing between a Moleskine, a Leuchtturm. The gold color of the Leuchtturm is excellent, but I think the dot grid will not be enough of a guidance for my writing.

I have chosen initially the Moleskine, because of the softcover, but finally I will not use it because the paper bleeds to much. Beware, if you use a fountain pen like me.

And so I am going to keep two journals actually, because I am also using my daily bullet journal (Archer&Olive), which I will use rather for the productivity and planning stuff. So if I go to a meeting, I will probably use the the bullet journal. This is a very nice notebook, very highly recommended. It has a very thick and very pleasant paper for those of you who write using fountain pens (or if you draw also, it will it will withstand a lot of ink and a lot of watercolor).

My opinion about DJI Pocket 2.

Today, I am filming with the DJI Pocket 2 and what's the point of having a small camera if if I don't take it with me? So I took it with me and here it is.

What can I tell you about it from a vlogger's perspective? Well, it's not as easy to use as the DJI Osmo Action because of the gimbal. You have to be attentive not to break it. The wide angle lens from the Creator Combo, which is marketed to vloggers, is only magnetically attached, so you cannot put it in your pocket because it will instantly fall off and you will lose this wide angle lens adapter.

So basically, when I take the DJI Pocket 2 out, I leave the wide angle lens at home, which is a pity because it would serve very well the first person vlog shots.

What is cool is that it has microphones all over the place so I can turn the camera to film in front of me and basically have my voice recorded very well. The DJI Pocket 2 does a better job at stabilizing footage than the Osmo Action, also. The sensor is better. Basically, it does not struggle in low light as much as the Action or the first Pocket. It's quite usable in low light, actually.

So, as I said, I think that taking this gambal outside with the extended handle and with the wide angle lens is not a good idea because it's too big and it's too prone to be lost as far as the wide angle lens is concerned, but overall the portability of this camera is excellent and I will keep testing it for my vlogs.

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