I am a digital minimalist extremist

Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
I am a digital minimalist extremist

And I'm proud of it. I have to go from extreme to extreme to discover what is good for me and what is not

Topics from Vlog #30:
  • I have to go from extreme to extreme.
  • How did I discover the intermittent fasting?
  • The situations in life when is better send a sms, not call.
  • What I want and what I don't want to have on my smartphone.
  • An automatic calendar vs paper notepads

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I have to go from extreme to extreme. That's how I am.

To appreciate intermittent fasting, for example, I had to go through a period of a hardcore ketogenic diet.

If I did not go through this extreme, I would not discover the intermittent fasting and the health benefits of it. I would not tested in my life. I wouldn't be able to make a decision to stick with intermittent fasting for the rest of my life. Like I did.

My digital minimalist efforts also go from extreme to extreme.  

I had to go through two months without my smartphone to know what was missing from my experience without a smartphone.

It was the possibility to have an automatic calendar on me, not a paper one. The paper one is not able to synchronize with my invite's at work and is not able to see in the future what I will be doing in two or three months.

I also discovered that I need some kind of a repeating task list. This is not achievable if you are using only paper notepads. Of course you can take a pen and then write each day the things.

I am a big proponent and I believe that you can change your life if you stick to some habits in your life. To me, it felt like writing the same thing all over again in a paper note, but not really effective.

Black and White
Photo by Mukul Wadhwa / Unsplash

That is why I have configured my BlackBerry Key2 to make a digital minimalist smartphone.

The third thing also it's the possibility to write SMS messages normally and not using the T9. I understand how Punkt Company can sell it they will tell you, you don't have to send SMS messages, just call and it would be OK.

There are some situations in your life when it's not really an option to call someone, but still you want to send a message. For example, in my life it's when we send messages to a friend of my daughter to meet on our way to school or not.

This is not something I want to use a phone call for because our family in the morning is focused on our family stuff. Their family in the morning is also focused on their family stuff. I don't want to interrupt their morning routine by asking the same question over and over again, like, we meet on the way to school or not.

This is not the kind of a phone call that will really deepen our relationship or something. It's purely logistical and it can be done via some as message far more effectively and without interrupting.

Those are the three things that made me configure a BlackBerry key2 as a digital minimalist smartphone. And that works.

Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

I would never know it if I have not spent two months of my life without the smartphone, completely going no smartphone.

Trying to make those SMS messages on the T9 keyboard.

Trying to live without sending messages and the only calling people.

Trying to live without an electronic calendar. If you're a working professional, try two months without an electronic calendar and tell me how difficult it was.

It was very difficult, but it also gave me the opportunity to know which of the services of the smartphone I want to ditch forever.

I don't want to :

  • have email on my smartphone
  • have an Internet browser on my smartphone,

I want to :

  • have my task list repeating tasks and my habits
  • have the possibility to send rapidly a SMS messages
  • have my calendar synched without any problems

That is why I am calling myself a digital minimalist extremist.


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