How to make better decisions according to Barack Obama

Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
How to make better decisions according to Barack Obama

This vlog is inspired by Barack Obama's advice for handling tough decisions and why you have to replenish your energy as often as possible.

Topics from Vlog #21:
  • What is Barack Obama's advice for handling tough decisions?
  • Why is time with the family a key element in making tough decisions?
  • Barack Obama Blog

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How taking breaks makes you take better decisions.

This vlog is inspired by a blog post by Barack Obama, the American president, on

This is very interesting because Barack Obama shares how he took very difficult decisions in a fast manner and also not having a complete set of information that is needed to take those decisions, which is, of course, not how we work or how we take decisions in our businesses day to day, because the caliber of those decisions that Barack had to make was far greater than any decision that a business owner today has to take.

An interesting point was how he stated that it was very, very important for him to take a short breaks inside of his day in order to take those decisions, because when he took those breaks, he had the time to mature the thinking about the problem, and he had the time to be, more sure of himself that he takes a good decision.

Feb. 17, 2010, U.S. President Barack Obama, accompanied by members of Congress and middle school children, waves as he talks on the phone from the Roosevelt Room of the White House to astronauts on the International Space Station.
Photo by History in HD / Unsplash

If you think that you are a cyborg and you can take very complex decisions very rapidly and you don't need any amount of energy  or a replenishing, you are obviously wrong.

You need to have your energy replenished and you need to take breaks inside of your day, even if you are a normal corporate worker or if you are a business owner, because those breaks will structure your thinking about the problem.

Very often you will not have a complete set of information to take a decision just like Barack Obama. Also the implications of your decisions will be very important and will touch a lot of people, even if it will not be half of the world or at least the population of the United States of America.

This insight is very valuable, and this is something we could all implement more of inside of our days, take more breaks just like Barack Obama. An important point also was that he always made sure to leave the White House at six thirty to eat dinner with his family, which leads me to believe that it was also a good component of his good decisions, because the time spent with your family always results in replenishing of your internal energy and of your ability to take good decisions. So recommended.

Please look at what Barack Obama writes on It's very interesting.

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