How to configure YouTube to avoid recommendations

Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
How to configure YouTube to avoid recommendations

I explain why it is wise to configure your YouTube experience so that you don't receive recommendations and how the time to reflect is important if you want to reach your goals.

Topics from Vlog #16:
  • Reflections about the music recordings I have made in the past.
  • FiiO Music Player and Paczkomat
  • Why you need to control your YouTube feed?
  • Why I use Brave Browser instead of  Google Chrome?
  • My preferred settings on Youtube.
  • Paper notepad instead of an app.
  • Why you should care about configuring your YouTube experience?
  • An algorithm vs. making your choice

Watch the film:

If you are not active in choosing what you are watching, it's not you that make the choice.

I was going through my recordings I have made with various rock and metal bands over the past years because there was quite a lot of them.

And as you probably guess, I am talking a lot lately about how the time to reflect is important, how you have to go back on your project, on your notes and reflect, because if you don't do it, then you won't be able to draw any conclusions and to correct your course. And really you will be just following other people's priorities and other people's plans. And so in order to analyze my creative and diverse in the realm of music, I have listened to a lot of my recordings, including my three bands.

I was a member of three bands, but also some projects I have made for other bands as a recording studio owner. And what was funny is that before I have started to listening to those records, I thought that I know pretty much which records I like, which I think were poorly executed or had some kind of technical problems or maybe were recorded in such a moment in my life that I was not able to give my full potential and make of them something very unique.

And what struck me was that my feelings after listening to those recordings were completely different.

And the perspective, the one year and the half that passed between my last music endeavor and right now have totally changed my perspective and my feelings about those recordings.

Music was my first love.
Photo by Daniel Schludi / Unsplash

The recording I hated the most right after the recording. I like it the most right now and all the projects that I thought are very important for me felt much less important today.

If I assessed just the quality of the recording and whether I did a good job as a producer, as a mixer or not. It was the project that was from the beginning the most thought out as an idea, but it was also the poorest technically. I was a completely rookie mixer at the moment. And still the recording is excellent today. I think it's the best quality work I have done by far. This is worth thinking about a little bit longer.

In my last video, I told you that using the Paczkomat will be very difficult without a smartphone.

I have found a hack to use the Paczkomat, at least, if you have a FiiO Player, which is Android based. You can actually use the Paczkomat because you can install on the FiiO Player the Paczkomat app and it works. It displays a notification saying that I am in offline mode, but it works.

If you have downloaded your information about the new package of home using the Wi-Fi, then you can use this to take out the package from the Paczkomat. Look, how much better a FiiO Player is than a smartphone. Look at the battery. Then seven days of battery fill. It's unheard of in the world of smartphones.

Working from home
Photo by Aleks Marinkovic / Unsplash

I have to make a small change in my vlogging routine.

Basically, I have to carry around a notepad with me.  I have to note every morning what is the subject of my vlog for today, because it was something I was noting in my To Do app of choice. Now that I don't have a smartphone, I have to note it elsewhere. So I have to force myself to accustom myself to carry around a notebook, which I think will be doable.

Today we're going to talk about a strategy, how to configure your YouTube.

So that you don't fall prey to all the recommendations and to the algorithm that YouTube is using to propose new media to watch. And you might ask, why is it important? Well, it's important because if you are not active in choosing what you are watching, but instead you are basing your choices on an algorithm, it's not you that make the choice. I don't know how about you? But I prefer make my choices myself because, I am happy to be a human.

It's a major time suck if you start watching YouTube because you are searching for some kind of an information and then you look, the next video YouTube is proposing me to watch is rather interesting. We spent another 10 minutes on YouTube and then another 10 minutes and then another. And very rapidly you can see that you have spent 2 hours on YouTube and this time will never be recovered.

But I don't think that actually those videos that YouTube is showing at the end, in order for you to watch them next, are really enriching and adding something of value to your initial search. That's why I think that making sure that you don't watch recommended videos on YouTube is actually a good strategy.

I'm not saying abandon YouTube. Look for knowledge there. Do it, because YouTube is an excellent source of knowledge. You can watch any kind of a university lecture or of a tutorial on YouTube.

Use this source of information, but use it wisely and use it intentionally.

I wanted to tell you that all those changes in YouTube would be pretty simple to make using extensions. If you have two main browsers that use most of the extensions that live in this world, which means Google Chrome or the one that I am using, the Brave Browser.

The Brave Browser is better than Google Chrome because it blocks of the trackers and it blocks all the advertisements online. So pretty much you are able to experience a rather flawless Internet without all the pop up ads and all the incentives to click, etc. So I recommend the Brave Browser. Those two internet browsers are based on the same engine and are using also the same extensions. That is why it's the most convenient to block the YouTube recommendations is to use one of those two browsers and some extensions.

Photo by Christian Wiediger / Unsplash

So let's talk about the extensions that can help you to configure YouTube.

So you don't fall prey to all the recommendations and you don't lose your time. And also, so that you are a real human that is choosing what she or he is watching.

As a part of my vlog episode, I have published a tutorial on what extensions to use and how to configure them in order to avoid recommendations and have a more intentional Youtube experience. Watch it here:

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