Digital minimalism for beginners

Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
Digital minimalism for beginners

Why I decided to go without a smartphone and switch to a dumbphone Punkt MP01? I tell you why I did it and how I feel about it.

Topics from Vlog #15:
  • Why I chose Punkt MP01?
  • Why smartphones are addictive?
  • How I have structured my Internet use?
  • How can you improve the quality of your life?

The morning means that the first thing to do is to edit yesterday's vlog.

The setup I'm using in DaVinci Resolve is pretty simple, although it is based around three monitors on the left one I have the timeline.

On the right one, I have the clean feed, so this is how my rendered video will look like and this is where I look how to edit, how to cut my shots and then the iPad here I've got my shots, my mixer and everything else. This is how I am able basically to edit in a fast manner because I see everything and I am able to get the footage from the iPad as I go along with the Vlog, which when you make a lot of videos, it's important to be able to walk fast.

So my journaling is not really consistent so far.

I started the daily journal, but rather it is a journal twice a day; not twice a day, one in two days or one in three days – but it's better than nothing, so I will not overly whine about it here. I'm happy that I am somehow noting my thoughts because, I would like to leave those thoughts for me for later to analyze them to look to them in a few months.

But also, I would like to leave those notepads for my children, so that they can see when they grow older how I thought when I was this age right now and what was my thought process? What were the things I have I noted. What were the things that were important for me, et cetera, and so I think that it's better than nothing, even if it's not every day.

This is a Punkt MP01

Well, because the MP02 is actually out of production right now and you can preorder it on the Punkt website so I took this one because it was on Amazon and capable to be delivered to me right now. But yes, I have decided to switch to a dumbphone or someone could say it's a flip phone, but it is not really a flip phone because it does not flip.

I think that the quality of my life will improve if I ditch my smartphone and so my smartphone went on eBay today.

Why have I decided to go without a smartphone, you may ask? Because I want to be present in my life.

That's a common thing amongst tech early adopters. I looked into my screen time on my smartphone and I saw that with all the confinement and coronavirus things happening, always my screen time goes up and so the idea was to ditch the smartphone because the smartphone was the cause of my bad mood.

The first reason I have decided to ditch my smartphone is because it's a very addictive piece of technology.

If you want to dig deeper in this topic, look online on YouTube, for example for Tristan Harris interviews or the recent documentary Netflix made called The Social Dilemma and you will know why it is addictive.

It's basically a piece of glass and here you think it's something useful but on the other side, there is a supercomputer that has some kind of a voodoo doll of yourself because this supercomputer knows what you like, what you dislike, with whom you like to hang out, with whom you don't like to hang out. It knows what you are buying, knows a lot of stuff about you. And we accept this voodoo doll of you. This model of your likes, dislikes and your tendencies and your high and low points in your life or day and serves you information in order to push you to stay on the platform longer. And it happens in all the applications in the social media applications of course, but also the smartphone manufacturers themselves do it so that you use the smartphone and you like using the smartphone.

The smartphones are really bad for us today.

Even though you can think of them as enablers because you can make searches and you have the possibility to access the Internet and to read your emails but I think the downsides are bigger than the upsides, and especially because to access the Internet, you can really access it from your computer. You have multiple choices as far as access to the Internet goes, whereas. All those multiple choices don't have the downsides a smartphone has.

It's the Punkt MP01, I have preordered the Punkt MP02, of course, because it's a little bit better because it allows for Internet tethering and it works on 4G networks, the MP01 this one. This one is only 2G. It has calls and text and that's all and it's been four or five days I'm using it and I am really, really enjoying the experience.

I'm gonna tell you more about it how I have structured my Internet use.

How I have replaced my apps in order to be able to function in 2020 and not having a smartphone. There are things that you cannot do without a smartphone. For example It's very difficult to access the Paczkomat and to take the packages out of this thing but I have managed to create a process that allows me to do that.

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