Change by design or by disaster

Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
Change by design or by disaster

Why change by design is better than change by disaster and waiting until it's too late to make a conscious planned action is a bad way.

Topics from Vlog #28:
  • The lack of choice will also be a choice
  • Why change by design is better than change by disaster?
  • Why you should to review periodically your plans?
  • Change is an inherent part of life.

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The change by design is better than to the change by disaster because you have control over it.

There are two ways to approach change. One is painful and the other one is also painful. One is in your control. The other one is not. Which one do you choose?

The change is an inherently a part of life. You have to choose how you will change, because if you don't choose this change will happen. This lack of choice will also be a choice.

You can change either by design or you can change by disaster. Change will happen. The world is changing. This world has been created by a big bang at the beginning. Since then, the particles and the atoms in the world are changing. Constantly are exchanging energy. So change in life is inevitable.

The most powerful word in the world pops up everywhere. Ironically, this is on Sandown Pier on the Isle of Wight (UK) — a place that has not changed for 30 years.
Photo by Ross Findon / Unsplash

Most of the people, most of the businesses change by disaster.

I don't know why it is like that, but most of them wait until it's really too late to make a conscious planed action. They wait until they are in a reactive state and then they react. When you react and the quality of this reaction is far lower than if you've planned for it.

For example, you know, the stories of the bosses that talk with their employees only when they have resigned. Those bosses start to talk with those employees. It's really too late because they have already taken this decision.

And the quality of this reaction will be far lesser, of course, than if it was planned. This is the definition of changing by disaster. A disaster happens in your life and groups you have to change. On the opposite side of the spectrum is changing by design.

2020 Planner
Photo by Isaac Smith / Unsplash

How do you change by design?

You can plan to review periodically your plans, your day, your goals, the advancement towards your goals.

If you plan for the change will be built in into those review moments because you will have periodically the possibility to see that something works extremely well and something does not work at all. You will be able to decide to change something before. Actually, this change is a reaction to a situation before it is a change by disaster.

I prefer the change by design to the change by disaster because you have control over it. If it's a disaster that happens to you, you don't have control and you're always in a state of low comfort.

I think even if you think that you have the resources to react well, it's always better when it's you that is chosen for the action and not the world, not someone else.


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