Carl Pullein

Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
Carl Pullein

Carl Pullein is a productivity and time management coach who has helped thousands of people around the world to get better at managing their time and become more productive using technology they carry around every day.

Topics from Podcast #6:
  • How did Carl's career path look like - why didn't he end up as an attorney and finally decided to become a productivity coach?
  • Why did Carl start to teach English in Asia - for what reasons has he chosen to live in Korea?
  • How does technology affect our productivity - what tools do we need to plan our organization system?
  • What are the reasons to start a digital detox - is it necessary in today's world? -
  • Why has Carl chosen Todoist as his task manager tool?
  • How does Carl's organization system look like - what strategies he uses in order to increase his productivity?
  • Carl's morning routine - what kind of journaling does Carl prefer?
  • Why has Carl decided to exercise daily - what are the benefits of being active?
  • How to find inner motivation and set measurable goals - why constancy is a must-have when you are willing to succeed?
  • What is the definition of failure - is it always such a bad thing or is it just our perception?
  • What is the one analog thing that Carl would have chosen?

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