Why law firm employees need life coaching like oxygen?

Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki
Why law firm employees need life coaching like oxygen?
Topics from Podcast #3:
  • Working in a law firm is a very challenging job - the hierarchy structure of the law firms is complicated. The law firm employees are under a lot of stress because of the high expectations of their clients.
  • Law firms are poorly organized, which manifests itself in making bad organization decisions. Partners of law firms often feel that they are experts in every field.
  • The resistance to the digital transformation - we could experience it during the pandemic when we had the chance to work remotely.
  • Law firms don't react to bullying behaviors and miscommunications between the employees - there is a diffusion of responsibility.
  • Multiplying exceptions over exceptions - it is difficult to understand the company values and culture.
  • The decisions made in the law firms are usually made out of fear and under pressure - those choices don't harmonize with the long-term strategy.

Feel free to join a life coaching community that I'm creating – we will be talking about improving our lives.

Talk to you soon!

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